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One Time Consultations

One time consultations with pay-as-you-go options

A comprehensive start to the Root Cause Protocol for clients who wish to get a strong foundation. Review of history, review and interpret recommended blood test results a...
Initial Consult 90 minutes + Test Eval
1 hr 30 min
Nothing to book at the moment
Nothing to book at the moment
For our clients who just want a hair tissue mineral analysis without any interpretation of the results or discussion of their current situation. Order this test and we wi...
HTMA test only - no interpretation
1 min
$100 starts with the minerals starts with the minerals

Consultation Packages

  • Continued Contact 

  • 3-6 months with varying frequency of meetings 

  • Online Digital Wellness Binder with 24/7 access

  • Members Only Resources and Learning Content

  • Fast response to questions along the way.

  • Copy of recorded consult along with a transcript (unedited) of the conversations.

The Complete start to your Journey!

* When choosing prepaid plan, you book your first 15 or 30 minute session and you will be taken to the payment page. * Package must be paid in full in advance. * Servic...
Discount Package 10hrs $800. Saving $200
5 min
Plan Holders Only
Nothing to book at the moment