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"Distrupting the gut microbiome many affect some immune responses to flu vaccination"

...Flu shot anyone?

Antibiotics damage the gut microbiome.

💊💊A 2017 study of outpatient antibiotic use found that just under 80% of the people prescribed antibiotics for acute bronchitis SHOULD NEVER HAVE GOTTEN THEM.

😳😳My guess would be the percentage of the population that has NEVER taken an antibiotic in this day and age is VERY VERY LOW.

😳😳Yet, the percentage of the population that has taken antibiotics unnecessarily is VERY HIGH.

"Distrupting the gut microbiome many affect some immune responses to flu vaccination"

"researchers...found that people who took antibiotics experienced changes to their immune systems that promoted a pro-inflammatory state, similar to a condition seen in older adults who have received influenza vaccines.

>>Lower immunity to the virus being vaccinated against!

>>Pro-Inflammatory state promoted!

🤔🤔Antibiotics work by mobilizing COPPER in the liver to attack the pathogens (even if they aren't really there!) thus reducing our bound copper and further disrupting our mineral balance.

>>LOW bound COPPER lowers our immunity!

>>High IRON lowers our immunity!

>>COPPER/IRON dysregulation results in a Pro-Inflammatory state!

This was a small cohort study out of Stanford University - however the correlation is easy to see. We know damage occurs in the body when copper is low and iron is high.

Let's pat ourselves on the back!

We are following the RCP to reverse the damage done over the years.

I won't be getting a flu shot ever again.

For me to agree to an antibiotic at this point in my life would signify a very dangerous health crisis that could not be managed otherwise.

I follow the Root Cause Protocol to restore my mineral and metabolic function to the level that my body needs to work to keep me healthy.

Antibiotic Use in Outpatient Settings, 2017 | Antibiotic Use | CDC


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