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How do we protect ourselves against 5G?

I will be adding to this blog. This is going to be an assortment of suggestions for managing the (potential) impact of 5G on our bodies.


Stress eats magnesium for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Improve your mineral status, get the (emotional and physical) stress under control and you will be protecting your body against the potential (not a given) damage of 5G exposure. The entire talk is very interesting. The portion as it relates to 5G is toward the end. The planet is under STRESS.

This is a conversation from the perspective of what stress does to our bodies, and since we DO have the ability to manage ourselves in how we perceive and deal with stress, it is about how we can protect ourselves from 5G harm. [The conversation about technology and 5G is at about the 1/2 way point - or 30 minutes in.]

Some notes I jotted down while listening...

"Energy is in waves, invisible waves."

"Life is all about energy. No energy, no life."

"Our thoughts are manifesting the world via the construct of destructive energy patterns."

...fascinating stuff....your thoughts are sent out to the "field", you really do sense or read the field of others with whom you are close to. This can be good vibes or bad vibes!

Good vibes...someone you are attracted to by the energy field they are projecting. Bad vibes...the bad energy someone is sending off that is "cancelation energy".

"Always move toward higher energy."

"The biggest problem for the public in general is that we are programmed to be critical of ourselves." ...A child under the age of 7 has NO functioning consciousness yet. The child has only RECORD. So the child hears what is said, doesn't know the meaning, they record the message regardless. We grow up in a very critical system and we use that self criticism in life - it then becomes the person's "program". A personal critic of "I'm not lovable", "I'm not good enough." Almost everyone has to work through this because it happened before a time of conciousness of what was being programmed. "It looks like life is happening to you. When you understand the program then you realize you are creating this life."

Principal of Quantum Physics: Consciousness is creating your life experience. We are not victims, we are creators of our experience.

The 5G questions....

"Stress breaks down the harmony in our body and opens us up to the harm of 5G."

"Belief is everything. Step outside of the fear and into a community of harmony for your health and wellbeing."

"Human behavior is undermining the web of life..."

"Can you live with 5G? Yes, but you can’t be under stress. Stop referring to it as something to be fearful of. Fear drives the stress."

"It’s not too late to change. Self-critical assessment prevents your quality self-worth"

"Once you are able to like yourself - you are able to be with less stress and happy."

"You are not your program, you have the ability to change your program. When someone does something to upset you, if it is from their learned behaviors it is their program. Be upset with the program, not the person."

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