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Magnesium Cream - Homemade

I've been making my own magnesium lotion (cream) since 2015. I've tried many variations and come back to this recipe most times. When I'm not precise on my measurements I get varying results as you might expect!

I tell you this because I want you to feel free to experiment with the recipe and don't be afraid of making a mistake. That's how we learn after all!

What's important to know?

1. Measure everything and make a note of how much of each item you are using.

2. Use clean containers to store the lotion/cream.

3. Buy/use pure ingredients and be mindful of whether your additives provide an antibacterial component, preservative, or otherwise. I personally keep things very basic, make in small batches and share my final product, and store it in the refrigerator until needed.

4. Measure the final product before dispersing it into the containers - you need to know how much in terms of how many teaspoons of cream you have when done.

My products I used*:

Bulk Supplements Magnesium Hydroxide (

Wilderness Family Coconut Oil (currently unavailable!)

Nutiva Organic - a suitable one to use as well, mild in smell (

Sky Organics Bees wax (organic, cosmetic grade) (

Empty Deodorant Containers (new) (


1.Use a double boiler pan to melt 1 quart of coconut oil to liquid state.

2. Add 38 grams beeswax, continue to melt and incorporate into the coconut oil.

> take off heat source and allow to cool to a warm, still liquid state. (I use my food scale for the beeswax and MAG powder measures)

3. Mix 81 grams magnesium hydroxide powder with 130ml warm water - stirring to incorporate well.

4. Pour the magnesium hydroxide solution into the coconut oil mixture. I use my blender stick to do this task - it can handle the heat and doesn't throw the product around. I'm all into less mess!

> let cool some more, but don't let it harden. Make sure you clean your equipment while things are still soft.

5. Prepare the deodorant containers by making sure all the dials are set with the base tray down at the bottom for maximum fill space. Place them on a sheet of wax paper in a dish that you can lift and move easily to a cool location once they are filled.

6. Pour the magnesium lotion into the containers, cap, and move to a cool location to harden.

I estimate there to be about 422mg Elemental Magnesium in 1 teaspoon of cream. As you are not taking it internally I cannot tell you exactly how much you are potentially absorbing.

Makes: 15.5 roll on containers of magnesium cream.

Storage: Keep in the refrigerator until needed.

Usage: We use it often. Pull it out of the refrigerator for 10 minutes or so to soften up and allow you to advance the roller to apply. We put it anywhere - temples for a headache, arms, legs, bottom of the feet. We use it on the belly to help with constipation, tummy ache, etc. We let the dog lick it daily as well - the ingredients are all clean, chemical free, food grade - it's perfectly safe and our dog LOVES it!

Let me know if you have a variation of this recipe -


* I've included links to the components I purchased off of Amazon. You can source your products where you want. (I have a large family and they ask for direct links for their convenience. I do receive a very small amount of compensation when I include my affiliate link.)

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