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Booking with you can still work with me, but you will get so many great benefits! 

....scroll to the bottom of the page and follow the prompts to book a consult. Please put my name into the Additional Information / Order Notes section. 

Request me as your consultant on to receive

3 months Premium Community Access


       Downloadable RCP Instruction Manual 

       RCP 101 Video Series + transcripts +                      bonus video with Thomas DeLauer

       along with all this SEARCHABLE and in ONE PLACE:

  • Iron Toxicity Posts

  • Magnesium articles

  • Hormone D articles

  • All Podcasts and Videos are archived and CURRENT/NEW content, uploaded in a timely fashion, in the same location every time!

  • FB Live events

  • Interviews

  • Media Archive

  • Testimonials & Success Stories (Search a seat on the Ferrous Wheel)

  • Recommended testing

  • Ideal Lab Values

  • DIY recipes -

  • The RCP Forum

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