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Cathy Streitwieser RCPC

Our mission is to provide consultation in proper mineral balancing, metabolic regulation, enzyme function, and restoration. We strive for a collaborative approach to better health through whole food. 

"It's never too late to live a better life and be in control of your body."

-Cathy Streitwieser, cRCPC

My Journey down the wrong path

...and how I got back on track.               

I grew up in an age of local, small markets becoming grocery store chains. The healthy food vacated the center of the store and moved to the fringe, dressing the outer walls. Meals were designed to be fast, and food shopping could be less often as foods were now packaged to last a very long and unnatural amount of time on our shelves and in our refrigerator.

I was told by television, radio, and society in general that a pill would fix whatever ailed me. I fell victim to the gradual numbing of society; I let strangers tell me what was good for me and it impacted my family as I grew older. Suddenly, it wasn’t just my aches and pains, it was problems showing up in my family. Suddenly, it was a much greater crisis of mineral imbalance that was unfolding before our very eyes. Western Medicine tried to explain it - but just couldn’t come up with answers or viable solutions that would result in better quality of life and the hope of once again living well.

Fast forward to my awakening and course correction. The old way can’t be the right way; this path wasn’t going to get me or humankind healthy.

My health issues and those of my family and friends around me just felt so chronic, pervasive, and unresolved. How could this be normal? Why aren’t we all feeling better when we take the pills? Something has to be missing. I went looking for the missing link. Massive healthcare institutions have been built to serve the ever-increasing sick population, with a very low full-recovery or cure rate for the diseases, conditions, ailments, and syndromes that have become the norm in society. Western medicine doesn’t have the answers, rather it employs a system of addressing symptoms with medicine. And, as we all know, that medicine often comes with a myriad of side effects and damage that is further fueling the decline of our mineral balance and health. As minerals are the basis for our being, I started there, with magnesium to be exact, and Morley Robbins.

Morley Robbins is the founder and pioneer of the Root Cause Protocol. His own personal health journey coupled with his brilliant, persistent, and inquisitive mind changed the course of his life back in 2008. He writes “I knew that Magnesium deficiency was tied to all major health problems based on my research of the peer-reviewed scientific literature from around the world.” But he didn’t stop there, he chased the research, dug deep and made connections that modern scientific study has yet to comprehend. The greater understanding now is that cellular function is dependent on three key minerals: magnesium, copper, and iron. Conversely, cellular DYSFUNCTION is caused by an IMBALANCE of these same minerals. This simple, yet vital understanding is not emphasized in this modern era. Rather, we’ve opted for the complicated, sleight of hand that has diverted our attention away from what makes our bodies function properly. Morley has stripped the understanding of what our bodies need to function properly right down to the roots. Taking it even further, today he continues to define the root cause of our ills with increasing detail and clarity. The result of his journey is an answer, a way back to health, a path to mineral health and wellness. The Root Cause Protocol. His story can be found on

I learned of Morley back in 2015. On a path fraught with medical mystery and more questions than answers, I was nagged by something missing, I was searching for common sense answers. I was questioning the status quo, becoming increasingly aware of my responsibility to question more and challenge those around me to think outside of the box that modern living had built for us to live in. The advent of the internet has had its drawbacks, but access to free thinking and individuals who just want to help humanity isn’t one of them. Morley cares and genuinely wants to help humankind find their way back to sensible eating, self-care, and independence from a system that isn’t designed to fix what ails them. Sounds pretty good, right?

I’ve followed Morley’s research on his websites, his FB Group of more than 170,000 members at last count, and through his Copernican Institute of Mineral Metabolism and Mentorship. I was driven by the need to learn more, to learn about mineral deficiencies and the resulting metabolic dysfunction that leads to so much dis-ease. I first realized the benefits of paying attention to my mineral intake. Then I looked at my food choices, where it was coming from and how it was being handled. The next step in my journey was to address my mineral imbalances with greater attention to the details, so I began to implement the Root Cause Protocol. I’ve shared my knowledge and experience with my loved ones and they’ve been positively impacted as well.

I feel great. I’m stronger and healthier than I’ve been in decades.

Still wanting to dig deeper, I trained with Morley Robbins in 2017 and have not looked back. First helping family and friends and now helping my fellow humankind, one person at a time, to find their path to mineral health and wellness.

It is a deeply gratifying life purpose in my second act. I’d love to be a partner in your health and wellness journey.

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