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Do You Know Why You Need So Much Magnesium?

Updated: Mar 7, 2019

Life happens.

Stress happens.

The body does not differentiate between a car accident or a boss yelling at you all day on the job. Fight or Flight kicks into gear and we burn magnesium to fuel that process.


What is STRESS?

"It's anything that throws the organism out of balance but if the organism doesn't have the ability to make energy to respond to that situation, that becomes the ultimate stressor." 

Regardless of the source of the stress, the physiologic response to ALL stress is a usage and resulting LOSS of magnesium along with changes in our metabolic functions in our body. 


Now consider chronic stressors on the body -

  • physical (over weight, arthritis, autoimmune disease, high blood sugar...the list goes on)

  • emotional (nagging boss, cranky kids or spouse, financial strains, family loss...the list of our emotional experiences is never ending)

Chronic Stressors are a constant drain on the system. Our ready magnesium stores (serum) are taxed, often coming up short of demand, so our back up stores of magnesium (RBC) are called upon. 

There are techniques for dealing with everyday stressors, including the impact of the physical one's that you might think you have no control over. 

  • ~ daily meditation

  • ~EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique

  • ~DNRS - Dynamic Neural Retaining System

  • ~proper rest and sleep schedules

  • ~many more creative ways to help deal with your stress are out there!

Beyond dealing with the Stress, we need to replace our magnesium everyday through healthy organic ancestral eating. Just know that our farm lands are not as nutrient rich as they once were and the

magnesium content of the fresh foods we buy just isn't what it used to be! Consider growing your own organic vegetables in your garden, taking care to amend the soil to meet your mineral needs! Magnesium foot baths are a great way to get your magnesium in and cover those ever important cofactors too!  And finally, remember to supplement with a quality magnesium supplement everyday. 

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