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What is Magnesium Bicarbonate and why do we want to drink it every day?

Magnesium and bicarbonate rich mineral waters are easily absorbed and have many health benefits. Bicarbonate water is mildly alkaline and when paired with magnesium, it helps to deliver both as buffered and balanced. It helps the magnesium get into the cells as well. There are many variations of the recipe floating around. The one we use for the Root Cause Protocol is simple to prepare and easy to estimate the elemental value of the magnesium being delivered per serving.

The simple chemical reaction of magnesium hydroxide and carbonated water is the formulation we call MagWater.

You should incorporate MagWater into your daily routine. While it is best to drink it on an empty stomach, many people just drink the dilute solution throughout their day.

How to Make MagWater (Magnesium Bicarbonate)


One liter of plain sparkling water, carbonated water, or Seltzer water. (Soda water will also work.) (note: mineral water tends to give it a pond taste -ick!)

45ml (3 Tablespoons) of Plain Milk of Magnesia ~ approximately 1500mg elemental magnesium OR Pure Magnesium Hydroxide powder (to equal 1500mg EM-read the label!)

This recipe can be doubled by using a two liter bottle of sparkling water and 90mg of MoM.

Method of Preparation FOR THE CONCENTRATE

1. Chill the bottle of sparkling water

2. Open the sparkling water bottle slowly (to preserve the carbonation) and pour out a few ounces to make room for the magnesium

3. Add the Mom (or) Magnesium Hydroxide SLOWLY to the sparkling water bottle directly

4. Cap the bottle

5. Shake it vigorously

6. Set aside and let the magnesium settle to the bottom

7. Once clear, shake the bottle vigorously again

8. Repeat the rest/shake cycle a 2-4 times until most if not all of the magnesium is diluted and the liquid is clear.


· The sides of the soda bottle may pull in during the chemical reaction and until you allow air to enter the container -that is OK.

· There may be some white residue at the bottle of the bottle – that is OK.

· The final product is your MagWater CONCENTRATE

To Use the Concentrate:

Each ounce of the Mag Water CONCENTRATE contains about 45mg of elemental magnesium (EM) in the bicarbonate water medium.

Introduce the Mag Water slowly to your daily routine, as with all elements of the Root Cause Protocol. Remember: LOW and SLOW!

Ultimately One Liter of Mag Concentrate can be put into a One Gallon Bottle and topped off with plain filtered water. This becomes a proper dilution for daily consumption.

How much should you use?

Start with 4 ounces of your diluted recipe and dilute that further with another 4-8 ounces of water. Sip on it throughout your day to start.

You can experiment with drinking more at once as you build your tolerance to it.

Back off anytime it doesn’t feel right. (Upset stomach, headache, bowel intolerance, etc.)

ONE GALLON of MagWater will be the equivalent of 1500mg elemental magnesium – 1 cup is approximately 94mg of Elemental Magnesium

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